Registration and Support

All copies of the LoanAmortizer programs (all editions) that you have obtained are time limited for a certain period after the initial installation. We have to unlock the respective program after registration for you. We can do that with your help only though. When you have installed your copy of LoanAmortizer on your computer, the application automatically generated a license key for you. You can find that key on the Help Menu, About Window. Please click on the Current Key link and the New License Key window will be displayed on your screen.

Please have that information ready and fill out the license registration and request form below or copy the Current license key and send it to us by E-mail to: or if you are using our latest versions, just use the automatic MailTo function, available on the License Key Properties screen. After we receive your key we will generate and send a new one for you without any limitations. You will have to input the key we send into the New License Key box on the same screen to activate it.

Enter the code from the picture